This course aims to provide the students with the skills required to utilize the the basic components of the productivity suite. The focus will be on providing the fundamentals skills for the effective use of the word-processor, spreadsheet and database software. These skills will develop the student's capacity to use these individual software to perform the specific tasks for which each was designed.

This course will be used to allow students to submit late assignments. If you did not submit an assignment you will be given an extra activity to do. Only after completion of extra activity will the teacher grade the original assignment that student did not produce. Only extra activity will be uploaded here. You will have 1 week after the due date of the assignment to complete extra activity and submit assignmnet to the teacher. Failure to do extra work and submit assignment to the teacher after a week will result in a zero(0). Keep in mind that you will not be allowed to submit class work or assignments at the end of the semester.